Fiber Optic Tritium Sights

Gregory Jenkins
10 min readMar 21, 2024



Looking for an edge in your aim? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best Fiber Optic Tritium Sights on the market today. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, these sights are designed to enhance your accuracy and efficiency. So dive in, and let us help you find the perfect sight for your next shooting adventure.

Our roundup will cover various brands, features, and price points of these high-performance sights. We’ll provide detailed information on each product, comparing their performance, durability, and ease of installation. So if you want to improve your shooting skills, stay tuned!

The Top 5 Best Fiber Optic Tritium Sights

  1. TRUGLO Range Rover Single Pin Archery Sight — The Truglo AC Range Rover .019 Black Sight with Light is a top-tier archery accessory, offering 40 pre-marked yardage tapes, a versatile bracket, and a ZERO-IN Adjustment Dial for unmatched precision in the field.
  2. TruGlo TSX Pro 5 Pin .019 Sight Black w/Light: Award-Winning Sighting Perfection for AR Pistols — The TruGlo TSX Pro 5 Pin .019 Sight Black w/Light is a versatile, innovative sight for AR Pistol applications that offers precise sighting, adjustable features, and superior durability, making it a top choice for experienced shooters.
  3. TRUGLO AC Range Rover .019 Black Sight: Ultra-Smooth Bracket Movement and Circular Sight Picture — This Truglo AC Range Rover .019 Black Sight boasts an adjustable rheostat for infinite brightness settings, replaceable batteries, and a range of included adapters for optimal compatibility with various firearm applications.
  4. Lightweight Carbon Hybrid Micro Sight with Realtree Xtra Camouflage — The Truglo 5-Pin .019 Carbon Hybrid Micro Sight offers a lightweight, reversible, and highly customizable sight with extra-long fibers and brackets for maximum brightness and adjustability, making it suitable for both right and left-handed shooters.
  5. Compact Whitetail Base with PhotoChromatic Technology for Accurate Hunting Sight — Optimized for whitetail hunting, this compact and adaptive sight features Dial of Death technology, microgroove pins, and a lightweight design for precision and efficiency.


TRUGLO Range Rover Single Pin Archery Sight


The Truglo Range Rover is a top-quality single-pin archery sight known for its groundbreaking features and precision. It features a ZERO-IN Adjustment Dial, enabling hunters to effortlessly make minor elevation adjustments, and a Quiver can be mounted directly to the bracket, making setup incredibly convenient. The sight also comes with an extra-long, fully protected wrapped fiber, ensuring durability and reliability.

Other notable features include the tool-less yardage lock, which allows for quick and smooth adjustments, the ultra-smooth bracket, and the extra-long, fully-protected wrapped fiber. The Range Rover is designed for left and right-handed shooters alike, making it a versatile choice for all archers. Overall, the Truglo Range Rover is a fantastic sight with a lot to offer, making it a top choice for single-pin archery sights.

TruGlo TSX Pro 5 Pin .019 Sight Black w/Light: Award-Winning Sighting Perfection for AR Pistols


Imagine that you have a beautiful, versatile bow that you have been practicing with for quite some time. While you have been enjoying target practice, you may have wished for a sight that could help improve your accuracy and precision. Now, you’ve found the perfect solution: TruGlo TSX Pro 5 Pin. 019 Sight Black w/Light. This award-winning, lightweight sight is specially designed with features to elevate your shooting experience.

The sight features a durable stainless steel tube that helps illuminate the pins, making it easy for you to see where you are aiming. The Ultra-Fine click adjustment allows for precise windage and elevation changes, ensuring that your shots perfectly align with the target. Additionally, the sight is encased in a non-slip technical coating, which is both silent and durable for a long-lasting performance.

This sight also comes with an adjustable glo-in-the-dark shooters ring, luminescent tape at the level, and adjustable rheostat light. By utilizing this sight, you can experience glare-free, eye-to-pin focus in any condition, providing a crystal-clear view of your targets.

Another beneficial feature of this sight is its adjustable second- and third-axis level with a two-vertical bar design. This level system allows for more precise alignment, ensuring optimal accuracy during your shots. The sight’s reversible bracket enhances its versatility and accommodates archers who prefer to hold their bows in a right-handed or left-handed orientation.

The TruGlo TSX Pro 5 Pin. 019 Sight Black w/Light also boasts a 2" inner diameter with. 019" pins, providing ample space for you to focus on your targets without obstructing your field of vision. The sight offers an unparalleled performance in any archery situation, whether it’s at the range or out in the field.

In conclusion, the TruGlo TSX Pro 5 Pin. 019 Sight Black w/Light is a top-performing archery sight that offers both precision and versatility. With its bright pins, adjustable levels, and durable construction, it’s a must-have for serious archers who want to elevate their game and become more accurate in their target practice sessions.

TRUGLO AC Range Rover .019 Black Sight: Ultra-Smooth Bracket Movement and Circular Sight Picture


The Truglo AC Range Rover. 019 Black Sight is an excellent single pin sight designed with features to enhance the shooting experience for left and right-handed archers. The tool-less yardage lock allows for adjustments without the need for additional tools, providing a seamless setup process. This sight stands out for its clean, circular sight picture with an all metal pin and a fully protected wrapped fiber, ensuring precise and smooth shooting. The yardage customization with the adjustable yardage-stop makes it easy to adjust for different distances, while the replaceable batteries and included adapters ensure that it works perfectly with a range of bows.

Including a quiver with the purchase, it can be conveniently attached to the bracket, allowing for a convenient and seamless bow carry system. The 40 pre-marked yardage tapes simplify the setup process, eliminating the need for measuring and calculating yardage, while the adjustable rheostat offers infinite brightness settings for different lighting conditions. Additionally, the adjustable rheostat customizes the maximum yardage setting to cater to the shooter’s preferences.

Laser marks are included for windage and elevation adjustments, providing consistent and reliable sight alignment in all conditions. The sight also allows for easy one-hand adjustments with a convenient thumb screw. The included bracket is designed for simple movement and flexibility, allowing for fast corrections and adjustments during the hunt.

The sight housing can accommodate 1.87" scope lens (sold separately), providing the user with further customization options for long range or low-light hunting scenarios. Lastly, the Truglo AC Range Rover includes over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes that simplify the setup process and save time.

Overall, the Truglo AC Range Rover. 019 Black Sight is a high-quality single pin sight that delivers an outstanding shooting experience for both left and right-handed archers. The product’s numerous features and adjustment options ensure its versatility and effectiveness in various hunting conditions, making it a top choice for many bowhunters.

Lightweight Carbon Hybrid Micro Sight with Realtree Xtra Camouflage


The Tru-Fusion Hybrid technology is an excellent combination, featuring a lightweight carbon composite and aluminum construction for a great strength-to-weight ratio and durability. The Tru-Touch coating helps to reduce vibration on the shot, making the TruGlo 5-Pin. 019 Carbon Hybrid Micro Sight a top choice for shooters. This sight has various impressive features, such as metal pins with extra-long fibers for improved brightness and reduced impact on the shot.

The sight also has a reversible bracket with multiple mounting holes, making it useful for both right and left-handed shooters. The TruGlo 5-Pin. 019 Carbon Hybrid Micro Sight offers micro adjustment windage and elevation adjustments and includes a push-button sight light.

Overall, this product provides excellent performance and value for its price. However, some users may have issues with the light functionality or difficulties identifying which way is up while adjusting.

Nevertheless, it remains a popular choice for many bowhunters and archers.

Compact Whitetail Base with PhotoChromatic Technology for Accurate Hunting Sight


The Black Gold Ascent Whitetail 3 Pin RH sight is a game-changing innovation for whitetail hunting. Designed to provide pinpoint accuracy and a clear aiming point at any range, this sight boasts a compact and lightweight design for maximum versatility.

The. 019 Micro Groove pins offer minimal target obstruction, while the high-performance PhotoChromatic shell adapts pin brightness to all light conditions for perfect pin clarity. The non-Micro adjustable 1st and 2nd Axis ensures precise bow-to-sight alignment, and the Dial of Death feature lets you instantly dial to pre-determined yardages coupled with a single indicator needle. The 54 sight tapes included allow for customization to your specific needs, and the 2X or 4X lens adaptable option further enhances your target acquisition capabilities.

Overall, this versatile sight is a top choice for serious whitetail hunters, with its excellent features and exceptional user reviews.

Buyer’s Guide

Fiber optic tritium sights are designed to improve your accuracy and make targeting easier especially in low-light conditions. Here are some of the key features that you should take into account when choosing one.


Ensure that the fiber optic tritium sights you pick come equipped with adjustable brightness settings. This will help you adjust the intensity depending on the lighting conditions, allowing you optimal visibility in different situations.



Consider the size and weight of the sight. Sights that are too large or heavy may affect the balance and comfort of your firearm while shooting.


Look for high-quality materials and waterproofing seals to ensure the longevity of your investment. Also, verify that the sight has been built to withstand impact and recoil.

Ease of Installation

Depending on your level of experience and tools available, consider how easy the sight is to install onto your weapon. Some sights offer quick and easy mounting options, while others require expert knowledge and tooling.



Make sure the fiber optic tritium sight you choose is compatible with your gun’s model and rail system. Some brands offer universal fits, while others are specifically designed for certain gun models.


Finally, look for sights that offer a good warranty period to protect your investment in case of defects or damage.



What are Fiber Optic Tritium Sights?

Fiber Optic Tritium Sights are advanced aiming devices that combine both the brightness of fiber optics and the low-light capability of tritium to provide a clear, glowing aiming point in any lighting condition.

How do Fiber Optic Tritium Sights work?

Fiber Optic Tritium Sights use a combination of fiber optic and tritium elements to emit light in varying light conditions. In daylight, the fiber optic component gathers ambient light and amplifies it to produce a bright, visible aiming point. In low-light or darkness, tritium emits a soft, green glowing dot for easy visibility.

What are the benefits of using Fiber Optic Tritium Sights?

Some benefits of using Fiber Optic Tritium Sights include:

  • Enhanced visibility in all lighting conditions, making it easier to acquire the target
  • Dual illumination system — fiber optics for daylight use and tritium for low-light to no-light situations
  • No need for battery power or manual adjustments, ensuring a consistent and hassle-free performance
  • Improved accuracy and faster target acquisition, making them ideal for tactical applications and self-defense situations

Can Fiber Optic Tritium Sights be used on various firearms?

Yes, Fiber Optic Tritium Sights can be mounted on most standard-sized firearms with appropriate dovetail or Weaver-style rails. Some popular applications include handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

How long does the tritium in the sights last?

The tritium in Fiber Optic Tritium Sights typically lasts for about 10–12 years. After this time, the tritium’s brightness will gradually decrease, and you may need to replace the sight.

How do I install Fiber Optic Tritium Sights on my firearm?

The installation process may vary depending on the specific model and firearm, but it generally involves removing the existing sight and replacing it with the Fiber Optic Tritium Sight, followed by securing it in place with the appropriate tools and hardware (e. g. , screwdriver, Allen wrench). Consult your firearm’s user manual or the sight manufacturer’s instructions for detailed installation steps.


How do I zero in Fiber Optic Tritium Sights?

Zeroing in Fiber Optic Tritium Sights is done similarly to any other reflex sight or iron sights. Start by adjusting windage (left-right) and elevation (up-down) settings using the adjustment screws or dials provided. Test your sight at varying distances, and make necessary adjustments until you achieve the desired accuracy and point of impact.

How should I care for and maintain my Fiber Optic Tritium Sights?

Caring for and maintaining Fiber Optic Tritium Sights is relatively simple:

  • Regularly clean the lens with a soft, microfiber cloth or lens cleaner to ensure optimal visibility
  • Avoid exposing the sights to excessive moisture, as this may cause damage to the tritium element
  • Store your firearm in a cool, dry place when not in use
  • Inspect your sights periodically for any signs of wear, damage, or loose parts

Are Fiber Optic Tritium Sights legal in all states and countries?

While Fiber Optic Tritium Sights are legal in most places, it’s essential to check your local and national laws regarding firearms, their accessories, and any restrictions that may apply to them. Some jurisdictions may have specific requirements or limitations on tritium sights or other illuminated devices.